Stepping onto the field and performing at your best starts with a solid foundation. Having honed your skills for the game it is just as important to hone in your bodies movements. Top Recruit makes sense of all the ways a body can move be it good or bad. Our assessment process makes sure everyone we work with gets the exact training they need to excel. When you start with Top Recruit we want to know as much about you as we can to better guide to success. It all starts with the movement screening.
At Top Recruit, our movement screening process allows us to understand exactly how and why each athlete moves the way they do. This is a crucial step in preparing an athlete for competition so we can provide every tool necessary to develop a program for the athlete to be as strong, powerful and agile as possible; while maintaining a top level of conditioning. What sets our process apart is the variety of tools we use to assess an athlete during the movement and performance screening. We understand no two sports, and not two athletes are exactly alike, therefore not only is a training program tailored to the individual, but so is their performance assessment.
Elizabeth Disney, CSCS, USATF-1
Farnsley Middle School
Head Cross Country Coach