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Take Time to Reset Before the New Year

Sitting back tonight, watching my weekly dose of “That 70’s Show” and getting ready for another week in this thing we call life. I have been thinking a lot today about how “off” I have felt this entire past week. It has been one of those weeks where nothing felt good, everything agitated me, and […]

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Top 3 Fat Loss Supplements

Supplements are everywhere. From fat loss to muscle gain to erectile disfunction, there is a supplement company maximizing profit off of the hopes of the people. And I would know! Since my high school years as the scrawny 125 pound kid trying to work my way into the Major Leagues, I have put my hope […]

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3 Things to Remember While Training Female Lifters

The world of fitness for women is changing. In a part of the population who was brought up on aerobics, running, and “slimming”, fitness has been a thing of gimmicks, trends, and false teachings. It wasn’t until the past decade or so that women were even allowed to lift heavier weights without blowing up like […]

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3 Most Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes by basedchance Working in a gym for almost a decade now I have seen some good things but a lot more of the bad. So many people have trouble with creating an effective workout plan and sticking to it. I have seen people come and go, crazy antics, and daily members who […]

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