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Fat loss Everyday Athletes

Top 3 Fat Loss Supplements

Supplements are everywhere. From fat loss to muscle gain to erectile disfunction, there is a supplement company maximizing profit off of the hopes of the people. And I would know! Since my high school years as the scrawny 125 pound kid trying to work my way into the Major Leagues, I have put my hope […]

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3 Things to Remember While Training Female Lifters

The world of fitness for women is changing. In a part of the population who was brought up on aerobics, running, and “slimming”, fitness has been a thing of gimmicks, trends, and false teachings. It wasn’t until the past decade or so that women were even allowed to lift heavier weights without blowing up like […]

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Living Social Strength Camp Deal F.A.Q.s

Everything you need to know about our Living Social Strength Camp offer for Everyday Athletes Personal Training in Louisville How do I get started? Getting started is simple just follow these easy steps Register for our gym click here. Sign up for our orientation we hold orientations throughout the week. ( if you are not […]

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Fixing Knee Pain

Fixing Knee Pain You have tried ice you’ve tried heat but that knee pain keeps coming back. Knee pain is a complex issue. There are a number of factors that could affect the way the joint moves. If the path of the knee is out of alignment or is weak and allows movement in lateral […]

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Women’s Pro/Am Powerlifting Meet

This past Saturday was the SPF Women’s Pro/Am powerlifting meet in Cincinnati. Competing in the meet was two of our own, Judy Metcalf and Lesley Lintelman. This was Judy’s first full meet as she competed in a bench only meet back in the fall of 2011 and this was Lesley’s first meet altogether. There were quite […]

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