Abi Duncan Signing Day


How is this?

“Top Recruit gets results – it is that simple. Top Recruit’s impact on our team and program is evident. From the first discussion, it was evident Top Recruit strives to give the most detailed look at not only reactive, but preventative care when it comes to the long term care of our student athletes as well as improving their individual performance.

We have a faster, stronger and much more confident group of girls now that our 12 week program is complete – and confidence is critical with female athletes. The girls really enjoyed Brian’s instruction, demonstration and detailed explanation of the WHY behind each exercise. The results have been incredible physically but more mentally – the confidence our girls radiate now is evident. As a team, we improved our pro agility by 0.5 secs (5.49 secs to 4.99 secs as a team) and vertical by +3.0″.

We had multiple players reshape their body, mind and core. One player lost 27 lbs over the 12 week program and improved their vertical and pro agility time. One player improved their vertical by 7”. Another player reduced their pro agility time by 0.75 secs. How it happened: Top Recruit’s Brian Figg and staff came to us in Fall 2015 and conducted an initial assessment (established a baseline of performance) for each girl in our program. Our players were assessed one on one and tested in the vertical jump, pro agility and 20 yard sprint. Based on that initial assessement, Brian built an off season program specific to our areas of opportunity. We were assessed as a fast (linear) team but we lacked “burst” or “power” laterally. We needed to improve our quickness laterally and generate more power from our legs, gluts and core.

Since the game of fastpitch softball is about quick, short burst and power moves, we wanted to be a quicker more powerful team. We also wanted to minimize injury potential as well. Brian’s program outlined specific three 4-week workouts (12 weeks total) which included specific exercises: warmup, prehab, plyometrics, strentgh training exercises and conditioning. The plan developed was spot on, safe and fun. The players continue to ask if we are going to workout after this 12 weeks is complete because they believe in the program and see the results and they want more. The players regularly ask when Brian will be back as they enjoy being pushed by Brian and Top Recruit staff. The results are evident and measurable. We will continue to work with Top Recruit during the season and in the future. I highly recommend Top Recruit’s Brian Figg and his staff. They get results.”

Jimmy Schmidt

Spencer County High School Head Softball Coach

Sacred Heart Academy Girls Lacrosse Program and Top Recruit 2015-2016

I met an Every Day Athlete employee at a kickball fundraiser last summer (2015). As a coach, I am always interested to hear others journeys into athletics. Within minutes, we were talking about what the company could do for me and my program. She had given me her contact info and within a week I was in touch with one of the High School group training coordinators of Top Recruit. Over the phone we talked about what I wanted for the girls in my program in regards to a speed, agility and injury prevention program.

I met with a group of trainers to discuss what the program has done in the past and what changes I wanted to make in the future. Even at the initial meeting, they provided me with a tentative plan including details of workouts, progression of drills and skills the athletes would learn. They were interested in hearing the injuries we’ve had, the movements made in lacrosse and the improvements that needed to be made in the off-season. They were able to make adjustments in the proposed workout plans to fit the wants I had and needs of the injuries discussed.

Those trainers then came to an off-season club game to learn the specifics of the game (as it is fairly new to Kentucky) and to learn where exactly these athletes were in their career. They took notes on the good and the bad. We met again at our school so they could see the facilities we could provide in order to add more details and further make our workout program specific to us (and yes, they came to us!!). They were flexible on dates and times to work with our schedule moving forward.

Once the program was set, the trainers reiterated that if at any point during the next 4 months I was unhappy with the training sessions or wanted to adjust them for any reason, that all I had to do was tell them. I was always impressed with the training sessions, but they held true to their word and helped make minor adjustments as I saw needed.

We started with a FMS and speed test day. This set a baseline for the girls so we could track their improvement and see how the ranked among other athletes their gender and age. After the four months, we finished with another FMS test to see how they improved. This was the point I know I made the right decision, the results were better than I could have imagined. Girls were improving sprint times by seconds, strength by percentiles and overall as a program, we became better. Throughout the winter, the trainers were flexible on makeup dates due to weather so the girls got the amount of sessions they paid for – and I must say, the price was unbeatable. We ended with a meeting to discuss the results, a few changes I’d like to make next year and a plan to start even earlier this fall! They are even willing to give a presentation to the parents and players prior to testing so everyone can see the sessions and progressions we will be making!

I cannot express my happiness with the coaches and trainers at Every Day Athletes through the Top Recruit Program. Not only were the results of improvement astonishing, the girls had a great time at every session. Trainers gained a great connection with the girls and the girls gained trust in them. Many of my athletes will be using them for personal training in the future and I will be counting on them for my off-season training as long as I am coaching. I am confident that this was one of the best decisions I have made in my coaching career. Luckily, Sacred Heart Lacrosse will be continuing our relationship with another session this fall!

Emily Ryan

Sacred Heart Academy Girls Lacrosse